Some Apps

is a Radio Discovery App with more than 10 million downloads worldwide and 30.000 radios listed.

is a News Reader service App that allows to read 5.000 newspapers and translate them in real time to any language.

is a revolutionary m-commerce sales app that allows users to choose from about 30.000 products and buy them in a just few minutes, with some simple swipes. This app turns grocery shopping into something incredible fun, fast and easy to do.

Read RSS newspapers feeds from all over the world!

is a library with more than 100 different Kids Educational titles done in 3 languages, made using KidsAppMaker technology.

Some 200 more puzzles with colours and tubes, with new effects and ways to solve them.

is for people you just love top selling music…a very crazy way of discovering new must see it to believe it…

Enter secret temples and complete an ancient civilization puzzle game that defies the laws of physics!

Our most sold game…a puzzle brainer type of experience to challenge your reasoning and with million of fans.

if you just like to mess with your photo…and play with your kids…

Just fun and educational activities for you children with more then 150 pages and scenes to play with made with our tool Kids App Maker

if you like to play with drums and a keyboard…we are sure your kids will love it!

Strategy gammers love it and give it amazing reviews…people can spend lots of hours trying to beat the machine...

This app is the solution for all problems related with making, personalizing and sending eCards or Greeting Cards to your friends in special occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries etc. Plus, it also allows make your own invitations.

What if you were a tiny fish that was running away of everything…try to last till the end of the day!

If you like cowboys and cattle you will love this game, otherwise just forget it.

A game to use your fingers fast killing “friends” like hell in different scenarios. Some people get addicted to it.

Want to read a bed time story with nice drawings of a modern remake of the classic…

Create, your own photo album books in a iPad with great control over the photos, layouts, phrases, events,… you will like it.

Create your own story with your own texts based on our templates for birthdays, parents, grand parents, then show then like a slide show.

If you like physics you will like this game. You need to play with containers in a boat…200 physics puzzles with lots of fun.

A fight between predators and prey, where you need to corner the prey in 20 different settings and difficulty levels.

is for people who are just crazy about puzzles…with hundreds of puzzles to enjoy…