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Discover or enhance your Sudoku skills with this attractive and easy to use game!

Review of Sudoku Genius by Appliv Appliv -iPhone/Android App Discovery Website

Enter secret temples and complete an ancient civilization puzzle game that defies the laws of physics!

Our most sold game…a puzzle brainer type of experience to challenge your reasoning and with million of fans.

Strategy gammers love it and give it amazing reviews…people can spend lots of hours trying to beat the machine...

Want to get nervous smashing things… want to test you reaction skills… this game if for you.

Some 200 more puzzles with colours and tubes, with new effects and ways to solve them.

If you like physics you will like this game. You need to play with containers in a boat…200 physics puzzles with lots of fun.

Are you crazy about puzzles? this App have hundreds of them for you to play.